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recovery. good morning guyss,ight ow... pbout 4 paramedics... di un aone medical teady progress continues in restoring power to the thousandd left in the dark, after sandy roared thhough mary. marynd. joel d. smith is eowoonioee'' ffortsn ikllnnea we're ere at greenspriig aaee & illside road nd look.... bel air. a location being . le worked onnthere with 6 thoosand customers without powe. power. it's day two on he job.... ith good proggess bein mad. afa tfe to the cromwwll brothhrs and thhir elderly mother. the faailyyis keeppng warm inside their hooe with help from a generator. outside, where ttey're chopppng wood to fuel a bbrrel fire to keep warm. &p 3 3 maryland national guard troops are also helppng out... pending a hand to local authori. authorities.crees are working tt rescue eopll rrm waterloggeddhomes... ii salisbury and crisfield.the citiessare two of manyy.. swamped by the storm's heavy raiis.in crisfld... iiee-kte e caskets... at a ceeetery. sandy's wrathhis caught on cell phone from h window.you s ccn see áthreeá trs fall tthhk n s-u-v.a few seeonds l
... for a full refund. amazon dot com is un--orkingg its latest venture this week. the online retail giant is launchiig "amazon wine"... just in time for the holidaa season. it offers shoppers a selection of &pthousands of wines in a dozen states. as of right now... maryland s not one of those statts... but ammzon says it plans to expand the coming up... . pregnancy tests are not just for wommn anymore.the isease it can help ámená detect... &pearly on. and e have a winner... in our "thanksgiveawaa" contest. won yyt... youu nexx chance to &pscorr a 100-dollar viss giit card... is just minutes away. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all 3 president obama is staying ppt for the next four years. it was a long election night oo tuesday .. buttit ended with victory millions of americans ho wanted him to continue the work he was doing. aftee a short celebration .. phe prreident is ack attwwrk and focussd on some veey immediate challenges. our d-c insider and politiccl commentator armstrong williams joins us for this week's washington wrap.-yoo were pre
republicans have been going after u-n ambassador susan rice.after the viollnce, she said intelligence pointed to aa spontaneous... not pre-planned attack.president barack obama had a message to theesenators in rice's deffnse. 3&if senattr mccain and senator graham and others want to go &pafter somebbdy, they should g have that discussion with them. them.former c-i-a director david petraeus is scheduled to address the senate house intelligenne committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question after his sudden pesignation last week. it's a sight you have to see to believe! believe!surveillance video shows... dr. kristin lynes howarr... speeding frrm a supermarket parking lot... jumps a edian... and onto a two other cars! carsshoward pleaded noo guilty the influence of prescriitin drugs.police say she prescribed herself drugg, and told them... her car had aa mechanical maafuuction.a hospitalized...and howard ... a one time doctor of the year... was fired from her job. 3 3one of the more nique holiday columbia thii morning. nearly elss. joel d. smith is live at the "mall in columbia" to &pse
-page letter tt the u-n's anti-torture exxert.he claims that gross is care... in violation of an l the 63-year-old has lost more ttan 100 pounds while in prison and has developed a cubanndoctoos tested it... but reviewed the case said the has been in prison in cuua for more than tww years... affer the coontry. 33- maryland voters approved several referendums on the ballot during last week's election... but some of ttem would've never been uppfor public vote... if not for the statees petition laws. some lawmakers are now questioning whether thee state's requiremeets for brininggan issueeto referendum... are too easy ppponents needed to collect nearly 56-thoosand signatures. and iineach case ---they collected uch ore than that. thanks- in art - to the innernet. 11:27::11"so perhapssthe require that they be physical s" signatures."following the election - the ooernor callee the petition process too easy... but heestoppee shorr of vowing to trr ann change it. sayythe petition for referendum... is one of the &pfew ways voters have anyy recourse in a state so one-sided politically. 3 thh ravenss
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4